Oyster Tour Photo Journal: Hog Island Oyster Company [Part 3]

Our third stop was at Hog Island Oyster Company. Amazingly, in 1983 Hog Island Oyster Company started with only a 5 acre shellfish lease and a $500 loan. Today, the owners lease 160 acres in Tomales Bay and raise over three million Pacific, Kumamoto and Atlantic oysters per year.

cool map of their 3 locations

bbq oysters with a chipotle butter sauce
they had the coolest atmosphere out of all of the locations we went to
Celebrating their 30 years with this cool stone sculpture
they were out-of-this-world.
we got some local cheese and cured meats as a surprise
our little tour group

Oyster Fun Fact # 5

Oysters contain both gills and mantle in order for them to breathe. As the water passes through them, the oxygen is removed and the carbon monoxide is discarded. Oysters also have stomachs, intestines, and they have hearts that pump a clear blood, along with the oxygen, through their bodies. And, their kidneys clean impurities from their blood.

Oyster Fun Fact # 6

The ancient Romans prized oysters for being aphrodisiacs. The 18th-century lover Casanova is said to have eaten fifty oysters for breakfast every morning to make him virile.

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