Rosemary Seasoning Salt

I love rosemary… such a sweet smell.

Rosemary has a special place in my heart because every time the aroma hits my senses, I am reminded of my childhood. We had a huge rosemary bush in our backyard when I was kid — I’m talking five feet tall and three feet wide. Yeah, huge. It was on the corner of my mom’s garden and you had to walk by it when you walked up to the garden or wanted to go out the back door of our home.

Here’s a photo of the side of the rosemary bush. Wish I had a better photo but I am surprised I even found one with it! Please excuse my dorky teenager years (that’s one of my best friends, by the way).

That’s a big rosemary bush right? They actually grow wild like that in California. At my aunt’s home, she has a huge rosemary bush like that too. Can you imagine the smell that came off of that thing?

I was inspired to make this rosemary seasoning salt because of some potatoes I had from a vendor at the farmer’s market in California. Basically they roast whole chickens and the drippings fall onto the potatoes (YUM) and then get doused with some kind of seasoning salt with rosemary. Talk about delicious.

I’ll share my recipe for the recreation of those potatoes in the next post but here is what I’ve come up with as far as the seasoning salt.

I had one reader on Facebook say if you put too much rosemary seasoned salt it tastes like soap. Not this one, I promise. It’s so delicious and can be put on potatoes, chicken… whatever your heart and belly desires.

One more thing to note: It’s really important to buy non-irradiated spices because they taste better and have not been put through any kind of radiation to kill bacteria. Yes, we don’t want bad bacteria to get us sick but we need the good bacteria in our gut flora to function properly. When you buy from a trusted source, the worries of bad bacteria is very slim to none.

I also recommend buying in bulk because the money you save is incredible. If you feel you won’t be using that much seasoning, consider asking a person or two in your circle to split the cost and product with you. I did this with my mother-in-law and it’s definitely worth it. I don’t buy spices any other way.

I buy my spices in bulk off of Amazon and sometimes Vitacost but if you can find a local spice company that sells in bulk, I recommend doing that over Amazon since supporting local is what it’s about!

Rosemary Seasoning Salt
  • ¾ unrefined sea salt (where to find)
  • ¼ cup non-irradiated dried rosemary
  • 2 Tbl homemade Italian seasoning (get the recipe here)
  1. Mix all ingredients together and store in a glass jar. Use a spoon to sprinkle over desired food.


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