23 Earth-Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Kids (under $25)

By popular demand, I have created a somewhat crunchy stocking stuffer list for children. I haven’t quite figured out how kids can be crunchy (other than eating things like organ meats, raw milk, and fermented foods) so I decided to name this an “earth-friendly list.”

Use this list of 23 earth-friendly stocking stuffer ideas for kids as inspiration to find things that you know your little one would enjoy. Yes, most of these stuffers are toys and some may argue that kids don’t need any more toys, but I believe that play is essential to the complete nourishment of a child, yet we should be thoughtful of what we provide them to play with. Stocking stuffers should be not be mindless, valueless gifts — they should be things that motivate children to be outside, be creative, use their imagination and play while learning. The following products will do all of the above!

Since I am only a mom to a 2.5 year old, most of the items on here are gauged towards his age bracket although you will find many things on here that would appeal to older. There are some boy-only stocking stuffers and girl-only stocking stuffers but the majority of them can be given to either or.

Where to Find These Products

As I mentioned in my 27 Crunchy Stocking Stuffer Ideas post, the best way to find these items is to go to local stores. In this case, local toy stores would be a great place to start, although you may have luck finding them at thrift stores and children’s consignment stores. Farmer’s markets or arts and crafts markets would also be a great place to find handmade gifts, especially for the little girls.

As always, you can find most of these items on Amazon. I am an affiliate with them, so if you do decide to purchase any of these products, or any product through any of my affiliate links, I will receive a very small compensation. Just think of it as a FREE way of supporting Healthy Roots, Happy Soul since the prices are the same for you, always.

Okay, without further ado, here’s the list!


Plan Toys Wooden Trucks

My little boy loves his trucks. What he doesn’t have many of is basic wooden trucks. This would make a great addition in his stocking that I know he’d make lots of use from them and I love the fact that they were made with the planet in mind. The unique thing about these trucks is that they are made from organic rubberwood trees, which is far more sustainable.


Plan Toys Mushroom Kaleidoscope

Okay, well, these are just stinking cute. Maybe this would be considered a knick knack, but it’s so whimsical and made with all natural materials that I probably couldn’t help myself to put these in a kids stocking. Plus, kaleidoscopes are way cool for the imagination.


Organic Candy Canes

Christmas time is not complete with candy canes. If you’re like me and are concerned about things like GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings/flavorings, you’d probably steer far away from candy canes this year. I’m happy to say, the candy canes pictured above are free of any of those nasty things I just mentioned, plus they have no soy lecithin! Score!


Mini Vegetable Erasers

Does your little one enjoy gardening or cooking? These erasers would be really cute to put in a stocking and from what I read in the description, they can come apart and be put back together. This would make a great opportunity to talk about the different veggies and what they are used in.


Plan Toy Farm Animal Set

Speaking simply from my own personal experience, my son loves playing with farm animals — loves. These farm animals made from organic rubberwood would be such a great addition to his plastic (yikes) collection. Another fun opportunity to talk about animals on the farm, how they nourish us, and what sounds they make.


Girls Pink Cupcake Apron

Got a little baker in the family? This apron reminded me of my neice, as she loves anything with cupcakes. She loves playing with her wooden kitchen too so this would seriously make a great stocking stuffer. I think it would also encourage her to get into the real kitchen and learn about cooking — something that most kids, let alone adults, even know of!


Green Toys Whale Shaker

We are a music family. While we were living in California, I took Andrew to a music class once a week and he absolutely loved it- that boy has serious rhythm! Involving music in a child’s life is so important and this simple, yet sustainable little shaker would make a great gift. The pellets inside are made from safe vegetables and there is a non-toxic coating over the rubberwood.


Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

For a child to have the opportunity to grow up with a garden in their life is one of the most important things, in my eyes. The idea that they could put a seed in the ground (or pot), give it love and nurture it (even with a little bit of help) and watch it blossom into something that will nourish them is priceless. This unique stocking stuffer gift would do just that. You could even replace the seed, if you feel it is necessary.


Good Earth Mermaid Doll

This may or may not fit in a stocking. You’ll have to double check the dimensions of your stocking but I thought this was a great alternative to the conventional doll. This mermaid doll is made with low-impact eco dyes as well as a recycled fiber filling. The product description states it is made with natural cotton, but the word natural to me, is kinda, well, fluff. The thought is there though and I think this is such a beautiful doll! There are many options too, if you think mermaids are not your little girl’s favorite.


Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax crayons are natural and the colors are made from non-toxic ingredients! See ya Crayola, helloooo beeswax crayons!


Eco Kids Natural Plant Modeling Dough

Engage your budding artist with modeling dough made from all natural plant colors. Sure, making your own would be even better but some of us seriously don’t have the time for that.


Edible Veggie Sidewalk Chalk

How cool! I had no idea these even existed! These are definitely going in Andrew’s stocking this year. This sidewalk chalk made from ORGANIC vegetables gives the earth-conscious family an extra reason to go spend some more time outside. You can never go wrong with art supplies, anyhow.


Crazy Crayons Eco Stars

Okay, so what a fun alternative to normal style crayons. These Eco Stars have been recycled and when they are no more use to you and your family, you can recycle them as well!

Glob Paint Color

Okay so THESE cool little packets are dried veggies. Basically, you add a little water to whichever color you are using, and it becomes paint! HOW AWESOME!? It can be a little project for your little one and the paint is made from completely natural ingredients so there is no stressing about them putting it in their mouth. You can make homemade edible paint but it’s possible to never get around to it.


Wonderworld Mini Loader

I just know Andrew would love this so I had to add it to this list (maybe Grandma will get it for his stocking ;-)). This brand of toys also uses sustainable rubberwood, non-toxic water based paints and fabrics that are biodegradable. Who said being earth-conscious had to be boring?


Eco-Bracelet Fair Trade Jewelry

You’ll have to scroll halfway down the website to find them, but I thought they would make a great stocking stuffer as well. Girls love jewelry and why not give them something that is handcrafted with tons of cool, earth-friendly beads?

Felted Toad Stool Pony Tail Holders

Now tell me, what little girl wouldn’t enjoy a felt toad stool hair tie? Shoot, I’m 23 and I’d even rock these because they are so darn cute and so earth-friendly!

Support Your Local Farmer Kids T-Shirt

Umm… need I say more? This shirt can be easily wrapped up and fit into a stocking so your little one can proudly show their support for their local farmers. It doesn’t get any better than that! Oh wait, yes it does, because this t-shirt can also be found in a onesie!

3D Elephant Puzzle

I double checked the measurement for this cute elephant puzzle and I’m pretty sure it would fit in a stocking. If not, it would make a great gift. Puzzles are great stimulator for little minds and a handmade one like this would be so neat. It can also acts as a decoration because the puzzle can stand up when made.


Animal Toobs

Only because Andrew loves his little animals. I often catch him laying on the floor, talking to himself and making up stories as he is playing with his animals — so good for his imagination! I like the Toobs brand because they are made with phthalate-free materials and always have good quality animals.


Green Start Book Towers

Books are a timeless gift; they nourish in the moment and they nourish the future. I began reading with Andrew when he was only a few months old and now he could read a million books at one time — no exaggeration either. Books can be a great stocking stuffer idea!  These can fit into stockings and there is a little animal, ocean, nursery rhymes, color, vehicle, learning book tower to choose from. Bonus: they are made with 98% recycled materials.


The Little Composter Board Book

An interactive lift-the-flap book, this book is great for a kid who is around composting as it can be another source of learning. There is also a The Little Recycler and The Little Gardener board book that would make a cute addition to your earth-friendly book collection.


 Scratch Mommy’s Lip Balm

Is your little one into makeup already? Why not gift a handcrafted, completely organic lip lotion from Scratch Mommy? She makes absolutely amazing products (I have her body butter, deodorant, and bug-off lotion) and you can let your little girl nourish her lips with a product you trust. You may even want to go ahead and order yourself one too, mama.


What do you think of this list? Do you have any other ideas to add?

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