Step 1: Learn How to Read Labels

Our journey to real food has officially commenced! If you are unsure what this video series is about, I encourage you to check out the introduction video here.

Step 1: Learn How to Read Labels

Out of all the possible things there are to learn about real food, I believe learning how to read labels is the most important one of them all. And I’m not talking about the nutrition facts. In the video today, I’m sharing my 3 best tips to help you read labels with ease.

In the video, I mentioned I did not want to go into specific details about GMOs because it can literally be discussed for hours on end. If you want literature that is easy-to-read and enticing, you’ll want to check out my eBook, Unraveling GMOs. Whether you are a newbie to GMOs or an avid activist, Unraveling GMOs gets the job done on educating and inspiring.

As promised, here are a few links I think will help you have a better understanding of what GMOs are and why they are so controversial. The first link I’ve provided is the list of derivatives (or hidden sources) of GMOs — make sure you check that one out first so you know what to look for.

GMO Help & Health-Related Links:

GMOs in the News:

Reading Labels to Find GMOs:


Your Challenge This Week – Practice Reading Labels

Okay guys this is where the fun begins! Make sure you grab 5 different products over the course of this week, read them, and come back and tell me what you thought. I want to know if you were shocked to read what is in the food you’ve been eating or if you had problems figuring out how to read labels.



See you next week!

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