GMO’s in What!? Edition 2

GMO’s are lurking everywhere. They are popping up in places they shouldn’t be and are in foods we wouldn’t dream they would be. The word “healthy” has lost it’s meaning since it can be slapped on basically any food product and cleverly labeled as if it is healthy.

Take this package of Newman’s Own Newman-O’s. The front labeling states it is made with organic sugar and organic flour. Since GM ingredients are not allowed in anything organic, you would automatically assume these cookies would be free and clear. Bingo, right?

Ehh, not so fast! Don’t put it in your buggy just yet…

If you turn the package over and take a look at the ingredient list you’ll notice canola oil and soy lecithin. Since genetically engineered soy and canola dominate the industrialized U.S. food supply, it would be a safe bet to assume the canola oil and soy lecithin use in these mint cookies are derived from their GE counterparts.

You sneaky devils, you.

Not trying to get all conspiracy-theorist status on you but with all these manipulation tactics Big Food throws out there, I am very skeptic… about everything.

Why not just use organic canola and soy Newman’s Own?

One more thing I want to make note of is the Natural Peppermint Flavor. What is “natural” flavor anyway?

Well, the main distinction between an artificial flavor and natural flavor is the source of where it was derived. Natural flavors come from anything that can be eaten (vegetable, milk, etc). Artificial flavors come from anything non-edible, like petroleum.

These words mean “mainly for flavor” and “is not synthetic, or synthetically derived/obtained/processed.”

However, the FDA treats GMO’s as no different that natural foods. They are basically considered the same as the original manipulated plant or animal – completely interchangeable. So what that means is natural and artificial flavorings may be genetically modified and we would never know!

What to Buy Instead

To be honest, I’m not too sure which brand is best. You sorta just have to go with what you are comfortable with. If they are a special treat and you know you won’t buy them on a regular basis, then a little GM canola and soy will not kill you. Depriving yourself and longing for things you love is definitely worse than a little GM canola/soy in a few cookies. Regardless, they are a WAY better alternative to the Girl Scout’s Thin Mints loaded with GM nastiness.
You can however make your own homemade version! Homemade not only tastes better but you can customize them to your dietary needs if you are gluten, grain or dairy free. Bonus!
Here are a few awesome recipes to choose from:

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