10 Gift Ideas for the NEW Real Foodie Under $25

Can you remember the first time you woke up? You know, when you woke up from the conventional dream? Suddenly everything you have around you is not as “healthy” as you thought it once was. Do you remember the feeling? I do! I was completely overwhelmed because I had so much to replace and not the funds to do it right away. Slowly but surely, I eventually replaced everything around my home with much safer, non-toxic versions.

This holiday season, why not gift something real food related? Everyone loves something they can use that is healthy, good for the environment and will actually be used andย appreciated. The 10 gift ideas for the NEW real foodie — all under $25 — I’ve compiled below are things that I would have wanted when I started the world of unconventional wisdom. As a somewhat seasoned foodie, there are also things on this list that I would love to get too!

Where to Shop??

If you can shop around and find the best prices in your area, do it! I like thrift stores for finding some of these items or the non-brand stores like TJ Max and Home Goods (I found Le Creuset bakeware at TJ Max the other day for only $24.99 instead of $64!!!). Shoot, you may even want to scrounge around your mother’s or grandmother’s home for some things — you never know what you’ll find!

If you want to get good prices but don’t really want to spend the gas money store hopping or fighting the lines, Amazon is a great way to shop. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s even better. I personally use Amazon Prime because I get things shipped in two days – flat – for no extra charge or minimum shipping amounts. Score, right!?

Psst.. can I share a little secret with you? You can sign up for the 30 day free trail and enjoy Amazon Prime before the holidays to get your shopping done (if you will be shopping that way). Then, before the 30 days, you can cancel at no cost. Win-win, right? Don’t tell them I told you. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Bible of Traditional Cooking. A MUST HAVE in every kitchen!

1. Nourishing Traditions

Even if you don’t follow a specific WAPF diet, this cookbook is a must have in every kitchen. In my eyes, it’s basically the bible of traditional cooking. I love Nourishing Traditions because not only is it a cookbook but it also serves as an educational tool to liberate yourself and break free of the conventional dietary “wisdom” that’s been hammered in your mind. Whether it’s for a newly recruited foodie in search of some guidance or a seasoned foodie needing some unique recipes, Nourishing Traditions deserves a spot in the kitchen of every home.


2. Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo cutting boards do NOT harbor bacterial growth like you may think! I love my bamboo cutting boards!

Eco-friendly and toxic-free, bamboo cutting boards are a simple, easy and thoughtful gift to give to a new real foodie. Contrary to what most people have heard, bamboo cutting boards are less likely to harbor bacterial growth than their plastic friends. According to a study, the bacteria does not multiply and simply dies off in the bamboo. This set of three is perfect because it gives you options on the surface area (have you ever cut something on too small of a board? Yeah, it sucks!). If there is a desire to designate certain boards for specific meats, the three pack definitely works. You may want to get some mineral oil to go along with it so the new real foodie in your life can properly maintain and extend the life of their new bamboo cutting board.

The most versatile oil... EVER.
3. Coconut Oil

When I entered the realm of real food and was educated on the nastiness of vegetable oils, the very first thing I did (no joke) was head to my pantry and dump the gallon jug of vegetable oil down the drain. After that, I somewhat panicked because I realized I had nothing to cook with. After a little more diligent research, I found I could use refined coconut oil in replacement of vegetable oil. How I would have LOVED to receive a quart or so of coconut oil because let’s face it, it can seem overly expensive when someone is used to the low prices of rancid, GM-laden vegetable oils. Now I personally buy it by the 1 gallon and 5 gallon bucket HERE. You can opt to give virgin coconut oil as it is a higher quality oil because it has not been refined, however there will be a slight coconut flavor. For new real foodies, refined expeller-pressed oil is the better option (in my honest opinion).

4. Cast Iron + Lodge Scrapers
Cast iron pans are durable and make great gifts!

Because Lord have mercy, haven’t you heard that non-stick pans kill birds! With all jokes set aside, I mean it. The non-stick coating found on new pans these days are no bueno. Cast irons make a great alternative. The most ideal situation is to get cast iron pans handed down to you but sometimes that’s the case. Thrift stores would be the next place I would look.ย  Cast irons will last for years and years and years.. and years and maintenance is very low (just make sure the pan is seasoned). If I were you, I’d probably get your new foodie some scrapers since using dish soap is not too great for the cast iron.

A majority of people are magnesium deficient. Adding bath flakes to your bath can help you gain more magnesium.
5. Magnesium Bath Flakes

Do you know someone who is dealing with insomnia, depression, or fatigue? What that a stupid question? The fact is, according to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition,ย they state at least 68% of us are magnesium deficient (most likely more) and because of this deficiency, it is linked to a host of health problems. Magnesium bath flakes would be a great gift to truly nourish your loved one from the inside-out. Plus, it gives them an excuse to take a bath and they can add a little to their kid’s baths as well. You may be able to find this at your local health food store but if not, you can get it HERE.

6. Himalayan Pink Salt & Non-Irradiated Black Pepper
Himalayan pink salt is filled with tons of trace minerals and nutrients and is extremely good for your health!

Salt and pepper is something that gets used every day so it’s no surprise that these make the list. However, not everyone has Himalayan salt and non-irradiated pepper in their spice cabinet! I believe every new real foodie needs to be introduced to the amazing taste of Himalayan pink salt. Plus, switching out the standard bleached, deodorized and/or irradiated spices for a mineral-rich salt and pepper is one of the easiest things to do when “making” over the conventional pantry. You can learn more about irradiation HERE.

My favorite water bottle... EVER
7. Reusable Glass Water Bottle

Saving money while saving the planet. Yes please! I think most people would really enjoy having their own reusable water bottle but taking the plunge and actually buying one is a different story. The thought of spending over $20 on a water bottle is worse than $.99 but in reality, you’re spending MORE with the disposable bottles. I have used the Life Factory glass water bottle for a little over a year now and I love it. No nasty tastes, no worries of plastic leaching into my water, no polluting the ocean. One small downfall is it can be a bit heavy so if you think the newly acquainted real foodie would want something different, then I recommend THIS water bottle.

8. Ball Jars

You may be thinking two things… 1. Why on earth would someone spend money on jars when you can just use the pickle

jar, spaghetti sauce jar and diced tomato jar? Simple. Not all people are jar hoarders. I admit, I’m a jar hoarder but I have been pulling back the reins a little (I mean how many various glass jars can one have before it gets a bit… excessive?). Some people like the idea of having neatly matching jars without having to worry about getting the sticky gunk off or washing it to the point where the pickle smell is gone. 2. Why would someone want jars as a gift?? In a real food and conscious kitchen, glass jars are essential for storing newly made concoctions, bone broths and tons of other crunchy things.

Star silicone molds make SUCH a cute gummy!
9. Gummy molds

Because once you realize you can make homemade fruit snacks without all the nasty and unnecessary ingredients, you’ll definitely be wanting to whip up a batch. Shoot, and during the winter months, these elderberry gummies packed full of immune building ingredients, from my friend Stephanie over at Naturally Mindful. There are so many fun shapes you can choose from, as well. My favorites are THIS, THIS, and THIS.

10. Bambooee Reusable Towels
The best reusable towel EVER

You haven’t lived until you’ve used Bambooee towels. I know that sounds a little extreme but I’m serious — I love, love, LOVE my Bambooee reusable towels. I once used ONE single towel over 30 times (including washes)! They are made from bamboo which is an extremely renewable resource since it grows so quick and unbelievably, they are extremely absorbent! I totally would be happy with this as a gift because not only is it reducing waste and reducing forests being cut down, it is also compostable!

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  1. Brilliant.
    I think I’m just going to post this list right on my mom’s FB page! I’m still using my plastic cutting boards (shhh… don’t tell!) and who ever has *enough* coconut oil or canning jars???
    Plus, I’ve never even heard of those towels… guess I haven’t lived, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ha! That is a smart idea. It’s almost like an indirect way of saying, “hey, I’d love any of these gifts for Christmas.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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