6 Must Read, Life-Changing Books on Real Food

There is nothing like reading a story that ignites your imagination and transports you in the story. You become consumed and literally hours go by before you even consider lifting your eyes off of the pages.

Harry Potter does that to me.

I’ve read that whole series like 5 times (yes, I’m a nerd) and actually read the 4th, 5th, and 6th book in a day and a half (all at separate times obviously). I just LOVE stories that take you to places and make you wish you were a wizard or something. I fondly remember one time being in 7th grade and rushing through my state testing so I could continue reading the 4th Harry Potter book. As I was reading, I got so into the book, and so angry at Professor Snape that I slammed my fist onto the desk and everyone looked up at me.

Yep, that’s me.

Harry Potter has made me laugh and weep, get so frustrated that I threw my book and then hurried back to get it so I could continue reading, and all around just engulfed me into each story.

I’ve read a few other series but I’ve got to say that Harry Potter has my heart. #DieHardFan and #YesIDidCryWhenTheSeriesCameToAnEnd

A few years ago, though, my choice in reading had changed. When I was self-healing myself from chronic depression, I immersed myself in self-growth and positive thinking books. Then, once I had Andrew and realized everything we had been told about the words “healthy” and “food” together was a lie, I quickly began reading books on real food so I could become well-rounded in what was really going on.

Although real food books are not necessarily as cool as Harry Potter, they do serve an amazing purpose for our growth in our natural living journey. It helps us become more confident in our decision when it seems like everyone around us thinks we’ve gone off the deep end. It gives us the courage to defend ourselves (I know it sucks we have to do that) in times where people challenge us about things like why they think butter isn’t healthy.

And for the record, come on people! It’s 2014 and we’ve all debunked the idea that margarine is healthier than butter. Get with the program (in the most loving way possible).

I would never recommend any book that I haven’t read yet, but please keep in mind that not every book I recommend will tickle your fancy. They all serve different purposes and help you grow in different aspects of your natural living journey. So, without further ado, here are 6 must read, life changing books on real food.

I’ve included links to purchase them on Amazon or I suggest going to Abe Books and seeing if you can find them used.

1. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

The holy grail of all things nourishing and traditional, this is probably one of the first books you’ve heard of when switching over to the real food lifestyle. I admit, I don’t cook from it much but I have read through a lot of it. I look to it for inspiration and if anything, it help me be more comfortable with terms like organ meats, broth, kombucha, soaking nuts, and more. Get Nourishing Traditions here.


2. Real Food: What to Eat and Why by Nina Plank

Nina Plank writes in a really, down-to-earth and easy to understand way. She breaks down the chapters for each food entity and gives thorough explanations on Real Meat, Real Fish, Industrial Fats, Real Fats, Beyond Cholesterol, and more. Yes, it’s stuff you can read online but hearing it from another perspective can sometimes make things finally “click” for you. Get Real Food: What to Eat and Why here.


3. Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith

A captivating and thought-provoking book, Seeds of Deception is seriously a must read for all! Each chapter leaves you wanting to know more about the incredible lies and revolving doors that happen with our government and the Big Agriculture. Seriously, this book is phenomenal. Get Seeds of Deception here.


4. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen

I would say this one is just as well known as Nourishing Traditions when you are just starting out on this real food journey. It’s one of the very first books I read and really turned my eye to dedicating and incorporating a change in our lifestyle. If you don’t REALLY know where you food comes from, I highly encourage you to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma.


5. Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon

I think what I loved so much about this book was the fact that Mary Enig and Sally Fallon really explained the differences of all fats and how they play an important role in your health (positive and negative). They also helped debunk the saturated fat myth which helped me become more confident in my answer when people asked why I don’t think butter is harmful. Plus, there are great recipes in the back for using coconut oil to lose weight. Get Eat Fat, Lose Fat here.


6. Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan

This one was a bit more in-depth in regards to how food can and has affected your DNA and epigenetics. I found it extremely interesting to read and was amazed at how powerful food really is. It was a bit of an eye-opener as to how future generations will be affected and gave me more motivation to do everything in my power to make sure Andrew was eating the best he could. Get Deep Nutrition here.


A few other real food books on my reading wish list are:


Do you have any other books you have loved reading? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Loriel,

    I’m Robin and I’m so grateful for your website! You have included so many helpful items here, thank you so much for your generosity.
    My healthful journey has ebbed and flowed the past few years, but my current self-healing mission is thankfully in “Game On” mode!
    I recently visited Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, NY. For dessert, my sisters-in-law and I tried their chocolate mousse, which was nothing less than divine!
    Perusing the web for a recipe, we came across your Creamy Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse. The link was intact originally, but last night, I attempted to follow the recipe and something is amiss with the link.
    If you could look in to this, I’d be very appreciative. I’m looking forward to enjoying this delightful dessert again as soon as possible!
    Confectionarily yours,

    1. Hey Robin.. can you explain a little more what is happening? Is the page blank? Here is the recipe for you:

      1 ripe hass avocado, cut in chunks
      1/4 cup cocoa powder
      1/4 cup real maple syrup
      1 Tbl virgin coconut oil
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      1 can coconut milk, chilled

      Place avocado, cocoa powder, maple syrup, coconut oil and vanilla extract into your food processor and blend until smooth
      Scoop out the chilled TOP portion of the coconut milk aka coconut cream (you’ll be left with liquid aka coconut water at the bottom) and place into a bowl
      On high, beat the coconut cream until fluffy (about 5-6 mins)
      Scoop chocolate cream into coconut cream and fold until blended completely
      Grab a spoon and enjoy!

  2. What got me started was Wheat Belly Very science-based, which I liked. Will definitely look at some of these you recommend.

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