Embracing the Seasons of Life: When Life Gets Crazy And You Don’t Eat as Good as You Want To

As I’m sitting here on this weird, dreary day in Florida, I can’t help but think: Life is a funny thing.

You have your “high” moments where you feel like everything is going right and then in a blink of an eye, things get crazy and you are in your “low” moments.

You wonder, “How did this happen?”

How you perceive your high and low moments really dictates how things will tend to fall in place around you. So, keeping a fresh sense of perspective and letting things r o llllll off of your back only seems like the right thing to do.

But it’s hard. I get it, trust me.

One thing that constantly seems to change for me is our eating habits.

There are times where I find things move along swiftly and I am able to focus more time on the “healthy” quality of our food. Other times, life tends to feel like it’s all over the place.

Which happens to be right now.

Life is pulling me in a million different exciting directions and lately by 6pm, all I want to do is go to sleep — never mind the fact that my family needs to eat dinner and I have not a single ounce of motivation to get my butt up and cook something.

So, I haven’t been; we’ve been eating out, scrounging weird leftovers in the refrigerator, and sometimes just eating snacks for dinner.

Scott even came home one night this week and said, “So, we’re fending for ourselves tonight?”

Yes sir, you are. Fend away!

And for breakfast? HA! Andrew is living off of organic fruit strips and organic fig newtons. He feels like he’s living the high life and I am struggling to just get my shit together so I can be productive in the day.

Yes, I’ve tried to meal plan and do all the things in order to make it so we eat home cooked meals from scratch each day but right now, in my life, it ain’t happening.

I actually just came back from Whole Foods and bought a frozen pizza, in-house made beef lasagna, frozen butternut squash ravioli, and biscuits out of a can that you just plop onto the baking sheet and bake (biscuits and gravy have been on my meal plan for 2 weeks now and I just want it in my belly!).

I hardly ever buy pre-packaged food like that. But you know what? If it takes one less stress off of me so I can breathe at night and not have to worry about cooking, then so be it.

Instead of feeling down on myself because I feel like I am obligated to only eat a certain way, I’m embracing the seasons of life, and allowing myself a little slack.

Because although I am a superwoman most days, every superwoman needs a break.

And the wonderful thing about life is that it is constantly changing and I know in the near future, we’ll be eating “up to par” again.

Until then, I’m enjoying my break.

And if you’re in the same boat, I hope you’re allowing yourself to enjoy your break, too.

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  1. Oh girl…I totally feel you! And really, you could be eating waaaaay worse!

    Sometimes we just gotta go with the curveballs. And embrace them for what they are.

    Totally adorable pictures, btw. <3

  2. Thanks for keepin it real! We have all been in survival mode, except I don’t shop at whole foods, so when we are there my menu plan gets a bit scary. LOL!

  3. Totally feel you! “Morning” sickness has made cooking and eating as healthy as I normally do nearly impossible for the last couple of months. Lots of pizza, bagels, and mac and cheese has been consumed. It’s hard not to feel guilty and, yet, life keeps going and sometimes you gotta just go with what works for right now!

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